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Alan & Lora

Dear Birth parent:

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. We would like you to know how much we admire you for making such a difficult decision for the benefit of your child. Our goal is to assure you that we are a loving and caring family who can provide a happy and healthy home for your child. We are Alan, Lora and Tyler. We met each other 9* years ago and we have been very happily married for over 8 years. Tyler is our oldest son, six years old. We also have another son that died at birth over 4 years ago.There is not a day that goes by that we don't miss our little angel, Shane. As a family, we have all decided that we wish to have another child join our family. Another biological child is not possible for us, but we believe that through adoption we can realize our dream of a little brother or sister for Tyler. Lora also has an older daughter and grandson. Jesse is such a sweet guy. We all have plenty of love to give. We would welcome this child with love and open arms into our family.

Lora: I have worked for Johns Hopkins University for 9 years now.That's where Alan and I met. I am a Internet specialist and love designing web sites. My hours are flexible and I can work at home when needed. I would certainly be taking a minimum of 12 weeks off after the adoption of our new son or daughter. I also volunteer as a Bereavement Counselor at a local pediatric Hospice. I have learned so much about life from this people that have little of that left. I have come to value each day I have more and more...I'm also a soccer mom and an avid Pow Wow dancer. Our son is learning the songs of our nations and is quite good. As you will see, music is a major part of our lives.


Alan : I have worked for Healthy Start of Baltimore for a little over two years now. Prior to that, I was employed by Johns Hopkins..I currently am a housing inspector in the Lead Abatement program. I find this work so rewarding because I know our program saves kids lives! I also am a drummer and have been since the age of 6. I have been teaching people of all ages for over 15 years. Music is my passion. My son Tyler, first picked up his first pair of drum sticks at the age of one..he loves it almost as much as I do!


Tyler: I am 6 years old, well almost. I am a drummer and I enjoy singing with my adopted uncle at all the Pow Wows in our area. I am in a parochial school where I am learning French and computers. I'd really like a little brother or sister!!


Our families are very dear to us. Lora is extremely close to her sister and her family. Her sister lives less than 20 minutes away. Linda enjoys the role of Auntie more than you can imagine. She is one of the first to crawl through the mud with our little one. She is looking forward to having another child to act goofy with! Lora's parents live in Myrtle Beach just minutes away from the beach. They are doting grandparents and love to show their grand kids off as much as possible.

Alan's mom lives less than 45 minutes away. Alan was very close to his dad who recently passed away from lung cancer. He was the best grand-dad..always full of mischief. Alan also has two brothers and a sister living in the area.


We also have a huge extended family from the Pow Wow circuit. Our son is being raised with a very wide range of influences. Lora is Metis/Ojibway and was raised with Cherokee traditions too. Our friends are from many different nations. Our house is always filled with drumming and teachings from our "family".


We live in a beautiful rural area here in Maryland. Our house is a tri-level split with lots of room to grow. We are surrounded by trees and wildlife. We spend many nights sitting in our gazebo watching the deer play nearby. We share our house with three very spoiled animals. Scrappy is a 9 month old boxer..Scrappy came to us from Boxer Rescue. His life was almost taken by his former owners..luckily Boxer Rescue got there and saved him. Now we have the goofiest dog on earth! We also have to cats that were rescued and have taken over the running of our house! We are normally housing any number of pets that have been rescued. It's our life!

We respect the love and concern it must take to choose adoption for your child. Our family has much love to offer and we are excited about adding a precious baby to our family. We would be thrilled if you would consider us as parents and big brother for your child. We look forward to meeting and talking with you.


With love,


Alan, Lora & Tyler