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Description: Pioneer purchases items from Native craftsmen and photographs the items for promotion and inclusion in catalogs, web page,and other sales opportunities. The potential buyers make direct contact with the makers of the items. Individuals, stores and global buyers are the market. The purpose is to develop the "what you do best" for Native Americans attitude. This in turn allows the generation of income, expands contact with the off reservation world and better cultural understanding.

Pioneer needs:

cash donations for the purpose of purchasingthe items,

purchasing "start up supplies" for craftsmen,

shipping supplies, and other related expenses.

Disposal of items will be under fundraising activities.

Displays in bank, hotel and business lobbies for auction. Proceeds to grow the cottage industry project.

Contact: Pioneer Industries

Clay Watson

1100 E. 24th St.

Cheyenne, Wy. 82001

(307) 778-7860