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TURTLE ISLAND is the recent release by recording artist Jim Beer and the River. Jim, known as Thunder Warrior among his people, is of the Lena'pe Turtle Clan. His roots are in the area of Upper Bucks County Pennsylvania, where his family still lives and farms. These lands were old homegrounds of the Lenape that were stolen in a "deed gone bad", by the sons of William Penn (Walking Purchase Hoax). His love for his homelands, his people and Mother Earth are expressed vividly in songs like "Muddy River" and especially the "Lenape Honoring Song". It is Jim's goal to spread the message of preservation. In this way he honors his Lenape Spirit by helping to preserve "The Great Life".

His music not only sets our minds on a spiritual journey, but also touches on current Native issues like Leonard Peltier and Big Mountain. It is a full band sound, mixing heavy acoustic rythyms, with traditional sound of flutes, rattles and drums. According to those who have heard it, it is "soul soothing", "touches the inner spirit", and is "spiritually awakening".
"There is an old soul guiding my path," says Jim, " I write and sing songs that would make the old Chiefs proud, especially Chief Tamanend." All of his songs, mellow yet powerful, carry a strong tribal backbone. He is honored to be able to share it with you.

"There's a fire that's burning inside of me,
An ancient spirit, setting me free"

Jim Beer

Turtle Island is now available in cassette or Cd. To order Cd's , tapes or for booking or scheduling information please contact:

Sunshine Records Ltd
275 Selkirk Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2S 2L5

Tapes/CD's are also available at :

107 West Broad St
Quakertown, PA 18951