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Journey Home: Mishi Donovan

Cree-Chippewa, singer-songwriter-actress, Mishi Donovan has a brand new

sound thanks to the production values at SOAR, her new home. Tinged with a deep

sadness, resulting from the recent loss of her husband, Donovan sings of finding

new strength in the creator and her ancestors. The album plays like a continuous

symphony of musical tears as she struggles with shattered dreams and the

loneliness of being a single mother with three children. Each song is a perfect

portrait in deeply felt emotions sung in a gentle folk-pop style. "Stranger's

laughter, I'm all alone, smiles don't touch this heart of stone. The conductor asks,

is all okay, I turn to the window, hope he goes away. Frozen tears and timeless

love, empty dreams my life's made of. "Although relatively unknown in the states

she received a Juno award in 1998 which is the Canadian equivalent to our

Grammy Award.