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Pioneer Industries was established in September 1996 by Clay Watson. His goal is to provide donated resources and seek out economic, educational and cultural opportunity for American Indians in the Rocky Mountain Region.


Pioneer has already far exceeded it's original goals. Since September 1996, Clay has delivered over 226,481 lbs of donated goods. Clay started this project with the Wind River Reservation which he has close ties with. Next , he included Pine Ridge and Rosebud in his program. Eventually Pioneer will be providing their services to 23 reservations in the Rocky Mountain Area.

Clay Watson comes to this project from a very diverse background. Having served with the US Navy/Marine Corps , he has gathered vast experience from these world wide travels. Clay helped establish various human services groups while serving in Vietnam, Okinawa and Northern Ireland.


Today, Pioneer Industries is reaching out to several reservations in hopes of establishing a support network for the people. This would include the following:

1.Deliver needed items to various reservation communities

2.Facilitate and address:

3.Housing issues


5.Youth Crisis Intervention

6.Elder Support

7.Food\Soup Kitchens


9.Arts-Culture and other issues which promote self-sufficiency


Pioneer has found that by establishing service and cultural relationships between on and off reservations individuals and groups, much progress can be made. Through the use of direct, electronic and other communication means, a firm support network can be formed.

As a new feature we will be offering Thoughts from the Road..notes from Clays trips to the reservations..this will be updated Frequently as Clay never stays in one place for long! THOUGHTS FROM THE ROAD

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School is fast approaching, and supplies are limited in the reservation schools. Please follow this link to find out how YOU can help.
Childrens Page

There is an URGENT need for bone marrow among the American Indian people Please visit the following site for more information. Please do what you can to help!
Bone Marrow

Pioneer Industries
Clay Watson
1100 E. 24thSt.
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
(307) 778-7860

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