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Projects Seeking Support

If you can help, e-mail Director Clay Watson at


1. Science Camp

Purpose: To introduce Science and Engineering to Native American Boys and Girls ages 6-18.

Needed: Start-up costs


2. Economic Opportunity

Saw mill for eight tribal members to build small traditional log homes for elders and others.

Needed:Start up costs.


Plastic Vacuum Molding Machine for tribal members on the Rosebud Reservation.

Needed:Start up costs.


Retail Native American made crafts and items for five or more reservations.

Needed:Start up costs.


3. Warehouse
Pioneer Industries is looking for a minimum of 5,000 square feet for redistribution point, volunteer space and training for Native American tribal members.


4. Trucks
Need all size trucks to 20,000 gvw in good running order. From sub compact step vans for pick up and larger for delivery. Gas or diesel.


5. Camp for kids
Purpose is to join with other kids of all races, tribes, and backgrounds for traditional, cultural and human understanding.


6. Respite Camp
Located on Casper Mountain in Wyoming, Native American youth would learn spirituality and traditional story telling to enhance or bring about spirituality and maturity.


7. Food Facility
Short term food storage facility for redistribution to several reservations.


8. Video Lab
To copy and redistribute videos of Native American Dancers and other aspects of Native American Life. For educational information resources to schools and general public. No religious or ceremonial recordings.

9. Computers
Computers which are internet ready for communication by humanitarian workers on the reservation. There are little to no computers on the reservations for these purposes. Some schools and tribal government have computers, but none in homes.